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Industry Representation

Enterprise Knowledge staff hold high membership status with some of these organisations, and various positions of office.

Other Representation

Winner - J Eddis Linton Award for Excellence in Records Management
Managing Director - Judith Ellis - won the 2009 J Eddis Linton Award for the most outstanding individual. This RIMPA award is given to individual members of the Association who have achieved excellence in records and information management and made a significant contribution to the profession.

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Image & Data Magazine


Institute for Information Management
Australian Society of Archivists
AIIM International
ARMA International

Government Archives/Records Offices

Archives Office of Tasmania
National Archives of Australia
Northern Territory Archives Service
Public Record Office Victoria
State Records NSW
State Records of South Australia
Queensland State Archives
State Records Office of Western Australia

Other Sites

Standards Australia
Australian Government Information Management Office
The Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy